‘अध्यक्ष किम जोङ इल शक्तिशाली समाजवादी मुलुकको आधारशीला’

उत्तर कोरियामा त्यहाँका तत्कालीन अध्यक्ष किम जोङ इलको आज ८१ औं जन्मजयन्ती मनाईंदैछ । सन् १९४२ फेबु्रअरी १६ तारिखका दिन जन्मेका अध्यक्ष किमको देहावसान सन् २०११ को डिसेम्बर १७ का दिन भएको थियो । 

आफ्नो सम्पूर्ण जीवन मुलुकको समृद्धि र आफ्ना जनताको खुशीमा समर्पित गरेका नेताको आजका दिन उत्तर कोरियाली जनताले विशेष सम्झना गर्ने बताइन्छ । त्यहाँको फरेन ल्याङ्वेजेज पब्लिसिङ हाउसले जन्मजयन्तीको पूर्व सन्ध्यामा प्रेषित गरेका सामाग्रीमा उनका योगदानको चर्चा गरिएको छ ।

अध्यक्षले सन् १९९० को दशकको मध्यमा उत्तर कोरिया र कोरियाली जनताको भाग्यमाथि आइपरेको खतरालाई सफलताका साथ टारेको बताइन्छ । उत्तर कोरियाको इतिहासका सबैभन्दा खराब परीक्षणहरुमध्ये एकको सामना गर्नुपर्दा अध्यक्षले मुलुक र जनताको निम्ति हार्दिक र सबैभन्दा उत्कट स्नेहको कदर गरेको फरेन ल्याङ्वेजेज पब्लिसिङ हाउसले जनाएको छ ।

प्रजातान्त्रिक जनगणन्त्र कोरियालाई शक्तिशाली समाजवादी मुलुकमा रुपान्तरण गर्न उनै अध्यक्षले अनन्त आधारशीला खडा गरेको उत्तर कोरियाली जनताको विश्वास रहेको बताइन्छ । विश्वका विभिन्न भाषामा प्रेषित सामाग्रीमा भनिएको छ, ‘अहिले त्यहि आधारशीलाले सम्मानित कामरेड किम जोङ उनको नेतृत्वमा समाजवादी निर्माणको व्यापक विकासको नयाँ युग खुलेको छ ।’

On the occasion of the 81st anniversary of the birth of Chairman Kim Jong II

Bringing Happiness to the People

Chairman Kim Jong Il (February 16, 1942-December 17, 2011) devoted his whole life for the prosperity of his country and for the happiness of his people. In the mid-1990s, the destiny of the country and the people was at stake. In the face of this worst-ever trial, he continued a forced march to bring happiness to the people, cherishing warmest and most ardent affection for the country and the people.

Having set “The people are my God” as his lifelong motto, he put his heart and soul into improving the people’s living standards. Various parts of the country, including factories, farms and even far-flung islands tell of his energetic guidance.When formulating lines and policies, he always regarded the people’s demands and opinions as absolute standards, and when something was created for the people he would first ask if they liked it and if they felt happy with it.

Rain or shine, he would go his way without taking rest. Thanks to his devoted and painstaking efforts, modern light-industry factories, stockbreeding bases, fish farms, fruit farms and houses sprang up in different parts of the country, and even in the days of the Arduous March the people-oriented policies of the Workers’ Party of Korea and the state were administered continuously.With ardent affection for the people, he was on the road of on-site guidance trip till the last moment of his life. For the immortal exploits he performed for the country and the people, Chairman

Kim Jong Il will live for ever in the hearts of the Korean people.With an earnest yearning for him, who laid eternal foundations for building a powerful socialist country where they will enjoy happiness generation after generation, the Korean people are vigorously opening a new era of comprehensive development of socialist construction under the leadership of the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un.

1.    Kim Jong Il , the great leader of the Korean people
2.    Kim Jong Il looking round the Pyongyang municipal light-industry products exhibition in August Juche 73 (1984) 
3.    Kim Jong Il going over a relief table for the construction of Pyongyang in March Juche 74 (1985)
4.    Kim Jong Il seeing the clothes to be supplied to kindergarteners and schoolchildren as presents in April Juche 81 (1992)
5.    Kim Jong Il looking round the Kwangmyongsong Salt Works in October Juche 88 (1999)
6.    Kim Jong Il giving on-site guidance at the Hamhung City Youth Goat Farm in May Juche 90 (2001)
7.    Kim Jong Il giving on-site guidance at Kwail County in September Juche 90 (2001)
8.    Kim Jong Il giving on-site guidance at the Sinuiju Cosmetics Factory in December Juche 90 (2001)
9.    Kim Jong Il acquainting himself with the state of potato farming in October Juche 91 (2002)
10.    Kim Jong Il giving on-site guidance over the work of the agricultural sector in September Juche 93 (2004)
11.    Kim Jong Il giving on-site guidance at a chicken farm in February Juche 95 (2006)
12.    Kim Jong Il giving on-site guidance at the Kanggye Koryo Medicine-processing Factory in February Juche 95 (2006)
13.    Kim Jong Il visiting a family of a discharged soldier, who moved into a new house, in January Juche 98 (2009)
14.    Kim Jong Il giving on-site guidance at the Taedonggang Foodstuff Factory in September Juche 98 (2009)
15.    Kim Jong Il looking round a newly-built house in October Juche 99 (2010)
16.    Kim Jong Il giving on-site guidance at the Ryongaksan Spring Water Bottling Factory in January Juche100 (2011)
17.    Kim Jong Il giving on-site guidance at the Pyongyang Textile Mill in May Juche 100 (2011)
18.    Kim Jong Il giving on-site guidance at the Pyongyang Mechanical Pencil Factory in May Juche 100 (2011)
19.    Kim Jong Il looking round Pyongyang Department Store No. 1 in July Juche 100 (2011)
20.    Kim Jong Il looking round the Pothongmungori Meat and Fish Shop in September Juche 100 (2011)
21.    Kim Jong Il giving on-site guidance at a fish farm in November Juche 100 (2011) 
22.    Kim Jong Il giving on-site guidance at the Hamhung Knitwear Factory in December Juche 100 (2011)
23.    Kim Jong Il and Kim Jong Un giving on-site guidance at the February 8 Vinalon Complex in October Juche 100 (2011)
24.    Kim Jong Il and Kim Jong Un giving on-site guidance at the Kwangbok Area Supermarket in December Juche 100 (2011)
25.    Kim Jong Il and Kim Jong Un visiting the Amusement Park of Kaeson Youth Park in December Juche 100 (2011)
26.    Amusement Park of Kaeson Youth Park
27.    Rungna Dolphinarium
28.    Mirim Riding Club
29.    Aquarium in the Central Zoo
30.    Natural History Museum
31.    Munsu Water Park
32.    Masikryong Ski Resort
33.    Primary school freshers received new uniforms, shoes, backpacks and other school things at state expense.
34.    Mirae Scientists Street
35.    Ryomyong Street
36.    Songhwa Street completed as the first entity in the project of building 50 000 flats in Pyongyang
37.    Dwellers in Songhwa Street enjoying their leisure time
38.    Pothonggang Riverside Terraced Houses District on the bank of the picturesque Pothong River in the capital city of Pyongyang
39.    Ryonpho Greenhouse Farm and houses inaugurated greeting the 77th founding anniversary of the Workers’ Party of Korea
40.    Some of the modern rural houses built across the country in line with the WPK’s programme of the rural revolution