The Photo Exhibition 'Many Splendored Yunnan Life' Debuts in Yangon, Myanmar

The Photo Exhibition 'Many Splendored Yunnan Life' Debuts in Yangon, Myanmar

On September 25th, the photo exhibition titled 'Many Splendored Yunnan Life' was held at the Yangon Chinese Cultural Center, Myanmar, along the banks of the Irrawaddy River. Nearly a hundred exquisite photos showcased the ecological beauty, cultural charm, openness, and vitality of Yunnan Province in China in the new era. The exhibition attracted numerous local residents and tourists, deepening the understanding of the people of Myanmar regarding Yunnan and China in new era, and strengthening the traditional 'Bao Bo' (translated from Burmese, meaning brotherly) friendship.

Yunnan, located in the southwest of China, shares its borders with Myanmar, Laos, and Vietnam, connecting to Thailand and Cambodia through the Lancang-Mekong River. Since ancient times, it has been an open and inclusive land of opportunities, which stretches approximately 960 kilometers from north to south, with an elevation difference of over 6,600 meters. It is also the home to magnificent landscapes such as Cangshan Mountain and Erhai Lake, the Nujiang Grand Canyon, Meili Snow Mountain, and tropical rainforests, as well as the unique cultures of its ethnic minorities living in harmony with nature. Here, you can embark on a fantastic journey with Asian elephants, witness winter gatherings of red-billed seagulls, and experience a perpetual dance of flowers in all seasons… This is the garden of the world, a place that resides in people's hearts as 'poetry and the kingdom of fantasies,' and it embodies 'Many Splendored Yunnan Life.'

This photo exhibition is divided into four sections: 'The World's First Tea-Themed World Cultural Heritage,' 'The Garden of the World,' 'The Oriental Homeland of Humanity,' and 'Lucid Mountains and Lush Waters, All Right Here.'

On September 17th, the 'Pu’er Jingmai Mountain Ancient Tea Forest Cultural Landscape' located in Pu’er City, Yunnan Province, known as the 'World Tea Source,' successfully entered the 'World Heritage List' with its unique concept of 'Tea Soul,' which emphasizes the coexistence of forests, tea, and harmonious relations between people and the land. Visitors to the photo exhibition in the 'The World's First Tea-Themed World Cultural Heritage' section find themselves transported through time and space by the high-definition photos. Embraced with the immersive experience of gazing upon the ancient tea forests of Jingmai Mountain, visitors can explore the primitive charm of the thousand-year-old Bulang Ancient Village, pick tea leaves and savoring the aroma of tea alongside local villagers dressed in traditional Bulang clothing, and taste the enchantment of a World Heritage site where 'people are intoxicated among the trees.'

Yunnan is renowned for its titles such as the 'Kingdom of Plants' and the 'Garden of the World.' It boasts over 19,000 species of higher plants, with one-third of the world's major flower species being represented by wild and closely related species in Yunnan. In the 'Garden of the World', visitors can enjoy the magnificent Rhododendron arboretum in full bloom in Lijiang, the Blue Jacaranda trees illuminating the night in Kunming with their lights, and the remarkable Narrow-Petal Lily from Nujiang. These exquisite and unparalleled photos immerse viewers in a world of vibrant colors, showcasing the beauty of the biodiversity in Yunnan.

In the 'Oriental Homeland of Humanity', visitors can journey through the diverse ethnic cultures of Yunnan. Here, they can witness the distinctive clothing and ways of life of various ethnic groups such as the Lisu, Wa, Tibetan, Jingpo. They can also dive into the vibrant atmosphere of ethnic festivals like the Water Splashing Festival, the Monon Line Dance, and the Dai New Year, each filled with lively and extraordinary celebrations.

Entering the 'Lush Mountains and Lucid Waters, All Right Here', visitors will encounter magnificent natural landscape photos of the 'Changjiang First Bay,' the Stone Forest, Meili Snow Mountain, Tiger Leaping Gorge. These pictures showcase the diverse and breathtaking topography of the mountainous region of Yunnan, adorned by fiercely rushing rivers, window-transparent serene lakes, and majestic waterfalls.

It is acknowledged that the 'Many Splendored Yunnan Life' photo exhibition will continue until October 1st. This exhibition is one of the series of events under the 2023 'Full Moon and Blooming Flowers' Mid-Autumn Cultural Exchange Activities in Myanmar. The series is organized by the People’s Government Information Office of Yunnan Province and the Yunnan Provincial People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries. The series includes the 2023 'Full Moon and Blooming Flowers' cross-border Mid-Autumn Festival Gala (Yangon Session, Mandalay Session), the 'Many Splendored Yunnan Life' photo exhibition, and the 2023 'Full Moon and Blooming Flowers' cross-border Mid-Autumn Cultural Arts Celebration (Made Island Session). These events are organized in the aim to convey the warmth of family reunions during the Mid-Autumn Festival, promote traditional 'Bao Bo' friendship as well as the comprehensive strategic cooperative partnership between China and Myanmar, enhance cultural exchanges and interactions between Yunnan and countries in South and Southeast Asia.