Special hotels and B&Bs in Mt. Jingmai

Mt. Jingmai is located in Pu'er city, southwest Yunnan province, renowned for its Pu'er tea. The Cultural Landscape of Old Tea Forests of Jingmai Mountain was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List on September 17, 2023, becoming the world's first tea-themed cultural heritage site.

Special hotels and B&Bs in Mt. Jingmai

With mist swirling among the mountains and vast clouds below, Mt. Jingmai has primitive scenery. Amidst the forested hills, one can find warm and textured places to stay, discovering a refreshing and relaxed atmosphere.

Most of the guesthouses and inns on the mountain still maintain a traditional ethnic style. From ancestral homes to Dai-style houses, each guesthouse has its own style and construction idea. The most remarkable and unique aspect is that they are all nestled among tea plantations, isolated from the hustle and bustle.

Compared to the high-end hotels and unique guesthouses on the mountain, Chashuli is the most special hotel at the foot of the mountain. It is built along the slope of the tea mountain, themed on tea, with the rooms designed like space capsules, scattered like stars amidst the tea mountain.

Source: Yunnan Net; trans-editing by Wang Yunya