Dai banquet of wild herbs impresses tourists

Dai banquet of wild herbs impresses tourists

During the Spring Festival, The Dai banquet of wild herbs in Jingmai village of Huimin town in Lancang county, received many praises from tourists.

The banquet is made of a variety of edible wild vegetables. Villagers go to the fields to pick them such as fish mint, water parsley, tree tomatoes, lemongrass, ferns, and clean them. Then, they are mixed with seasonings such as fermented soybeans, salt, and MSG (monosodium glutamate), and served either cold or boiled. Of course, they can also be dipped in the secret sauce made by the Dai people and eaten raw, presenting a unique flavor.

This banquet will be severed whenever guests arrive, with each table jointly completed by six families of villagers. Visitors only need to pay 40 yuan per person to taste the natural flavors of the mountains and experience the unique ethnic charm. The many local dishes and refreshing flavors leave tourists with unforgettable taste in memories.

Source: Pu'er Tourist News; trans-editing by Wang Yunya