Zuodu preserves ancient Wa culture

Zuodu preserves ancient Wa culture

Zuodu, located in Xuelin township, Lancang Lahu autonomous county, southwest Yunnan’s Pu'er City, is an ancient Wa village with a history of more than 480 years. It boasts the well-preserved primitive lifestyle, buildings, costumes, food and traditional farming, showing a historical and cultural charm of the Wa people.

Seen the ancient village from a distance, it has thatched houses surrounded by green terraces and the houses look like “mushrooms”. Villagers are dressed in Wa costumes and are still following their old lifestyles.

Zuodu lies near the border between China and Myanmar. In 2019, a new village called "Wengbangla" was built. In Wa language, "Wengbangla" means "streets in the mountain". In the village, the traditional Wa architectural features are preserved, such as houses with thatched roofs and totem of bull heads.

The brand-new Wa village not only observes the unique cultural characteristics, but reflects the achievements of rural revitalization as well. In 2022, Zuodu Ancient Village was officially rated as a national 3A-level tourist attraction.

Source: Pu’er Media Center; Trans-editing by Mo Yingyi