China, India, Cambodia and Mongolia share a cultural feast of Lantern Festival

"Hope of Spring" echoes the beauty of harmony

China, India, Cambodia and Mongolia share a cultural feast of Lantern Festival

When the lights shine brightly, families get together under the full moon. On the 5th, the first full moon night of the Lunar New Year, the Information Office and the Foreign Affairs Office of the People's Government of Yunnan Province jointly launched the special program "Joyful Reunion at the Lantern Festival", and build a cultural bridge to send the Lantern Festival blessings to our compatriots and friends at home and abroad.

This special program is the finale of the 2023 "Return of Spring and Auspicious Landscape" Chinese, Indian, Cambodian and Mongolian Spring Festival Gala and Cultural Exchange Series. By the innovative method of "de-staging", the program cleverly connects the representative songs and dances of China, India, Cambodia and Mongolia, showcasing the beautiful picture of "Spring Festival, Lantern Festival and Return of Spring".

The opening program "Dragon and Lion Dance for the Lantern Festival" incorporates traditional dragon and lion dances and other artistic forms, igniting a joyful and festive atmosphere; the program "Reunion" brings together Mongolian chopstick dance, Cambodian coconut shell dance, Indian dance and other exotic dances, displaying the beauty of the interplay of multiple cultures; the original reality dance "Love in Highland Lake" brings a magnificent duo dance in the lake, interpreting the lingering landscape charm; the adapted song "Walking beside the railroad", in which the 100-year history of Yunnan's railroad development from meter gauge to high speed rail is linked in a murmur, expressing the border area people's dream of "reaching the sea and the river"; a song from the China-Laos Railway, "Take the high speed train to see the sea", opens a beautiful picture of "dreams come true", singing about the new opportunities for Yunnan's development and a new chapter of China's opening up.........  

In an special interview with, Tao Chun, the chief director of the program and a national level I choreographer, said that Yunnan is the intersection of the China-ASEAN Free Trade Area, the Greater Mekong Subregion and the Pan-Pearl River Delta Economic Circle, and an important gateway for China's opening up to South and Southeast Asia. It is believed that as the "Belt and Road" construction continues, Yunnan will enter a new era of communication with neighboring countries. We hope to share the beauty of Yunnan and China with the world through this special program, and to show the hope of spring and the beauty of harmony.

"The Lantern Festival is an emotional memory passed down for more than 2,000 years by Chinese people, and a cultural romp across the world. The Lantern Festival is a dream chaser's ready to go, and also a starry sea lying ahead." According to Tang Zhi, the executive director of the program, after the Lantern Festival, it means that the New Year festival is over and everyone will embark on a new journey. May this special program bring hope of spring and strength to move forward to our compatriots and friends at home and abroad. 

The special program was launched on on the same day, and will be broadcast in Myanmar, Cambodia and Mongolia one after another.