Wenshan to be top cattle producer in China

Wenshan to be top cattle producer in China

Southeast Yunnan’s Wenshan Zhuang and Miao autonomous prefecture is determined to realize its goal of developing cattle industry. By 2025, the prefecture will raise 2.5 million cattle, and the comprehensive output value of cattle industry will reach 40 billion yuan.

Guduo meadow in Wenshan’s Guangnan county overs an area of more than 10 thousand mu(about 6.67km2). In late winter, it is still green because of lush grass, and herds of Gaofeng cattle are raised on plateau, wandering on the grassland. Guduo is a national core breeding station of the cattle.

Gaofeng cattle, which is among the six famous cattle breeds in Yunnan, has been bred and domesticated over generations by local ethnic groups in Wenshan. Its beef quality meets the standards of international high-grade beef and surpasses Grade A3, making it one of the few breeds in China that can produce snowflake beef.

"The processed premium snowflake beef can sell for up to 3,000 yuan per kilogram." The head of the Rural Industry Revitalization Office in Guangnan County introduced that in 2022, the first slaughterhouse in the county began operation, bidding farewell to the history of only being able to sell live cattle.

Currently, Wenshan has established four beef slaughter and deep processing plants and an industrial big data platform.

Source: Yunnan Daily; trans-editing by Wang Yunya