Roasted crucian, a delicacy from Jiangchuan

Roasted crucian, a delicacy from Jiangchuan

Fish is commonly seen in Jiangchuan dishes. People from Jiangchuan district of Yuxi city in central Yunnan province are good at cooking fish in various ways. As one of the common freshwater fish, crucian has delicate and tender meat with extremely high nutritional value.

The charcoal-grilled crucian is particularly enticing, with a crispy and fragrant skin, not burnt but golden, and a tender and milky-white texture, leaving a long-lasting fragrance.

During the fishing season at Xingyun Lake, the market is filled with freshly caught fish. Qin Caiping, the owner of Chouxiaoya barbecue restaurant, carefully selects crucians with suitable sizes and fresh quality. He smiles and says, "Both the ingredients and cooking techniques influence the taste. Only with good ones and great roasting skills can the roasted crucian tastes the best."

The popularity of Qin's roasted crucian among many diners is attributed to his marinade. At the beginning, he felt that no matter how he grilled the fish, it didn't taste flavorful enough. After many attempts and adjustments to the proportions of marinade, he finally developed his secret recipe.

Every noon, Qin puts on gloves and seasons each fish. "We can sell fifty to sixty crucians on average every night," said Qin as he marinates the fish. As night falls, diners start to come in and place their orders. When appropriate heat is reached, he will put fish on the grill brushing a thin layer of oil on them. Then, the fragrance is brought to its fullest.

When the roasted crucian is ready, it is served on the table. The surface of the fish skin is dotted with oil, and with a gentle squeeze of chopsticks, it easily separates from the fish, making it irresistible to stop eating.

Source: Yunnan News App; trans-editing by Wang Yunya