Chinese language popular across the world, why?

The rising popularity of learning Chinese across the world reflects the immense opportunities offered by China.

As the world's second-largest economy, China has become a major trading partner for over 140 countries and regions. This economic and trade boom has sparked a surge in interest in learning Chinese, reflecting a desire to connect with the Chinese market and expand cooperative opportunities.

 "China is a trustworthy partner that offers great opportunities. We should participate in China's opening up and benefit from it. I hope more students major in Chinese," said György Szilárd, a researcher at the Hungarian Institute of International Affairs.

Fluency in Chinese has opened up new career paths for many enthusiasts of the language. According to Russia's Kommersant newspaper, the demand for professionals with Chinese language skills in the Russian market is on the rise, with salaries for those with conversational proficiency in Chinese being approximately 20% higher.

According to Jinanlee Widjikoon, a finalist in the "Chinese Bridge" competition in Sri Lanka, learning Chinese provides individuals with more choices for personal development.

The cooperation between China and the rest of the world has created numerous opportunities, leading to a significant shortage of Chinese language talent. Therefore, more and more people start learning Chinese, seeking broader life opportunities.

The global Chinese language fever highlights the unique charm of Chinese culture. Language is the carrier of culture, and through characters, foreign Chinese learners can appreciate the rich and profound Chinese culture.

Drawn to Chinese culture, many foreign teenagers choose to learn Chinese. Chinese attire, calligraphy, drama, music, and martial arts are trendy at the "Chinese Bridge" competitions. Chinese TV shows and films have gained numerous fans abroad, with many people learning Chinese to understand the shows, explore Chinese culture, and learn about the lives in China.

Behind the Chinese language fever lies a resonance of values. The open and inclusive concepts of Chinese culture have impressed people around the world. Joseph Leber, the winner of the college student category in the "Chinese Bridge" competition in Switzerland, said, "In today's world, faced with various challenges, learning Chinese teaches us how to build bridges between different cultures when encountering differences."

Recently, many foreign influencers have traveled to China and have been amazed by the country's beautiful landscapes, delicious food, and rich culture. They have shared their experiences on social media, receiving likes and shares from many international netizens.

A French internet user who has longed for Sichuan cuisine commented, "For this taste, I want to learn Chinese." In the internet age, cultural communication breaks the limit of space. As the appeal and influence of Chinese culture continue to grow, the fever of Chinese language and culture will continue to rise, gaining more fans globally.

Source:Xinhua; trans-editing by Guo Yao